Clambakes were a very popular activity in the Mount Carmel area for many years. They were typically sponsered by social clubs, volenteer fire companies, churches, and businesses throughout the summer. Hook catering provided service to 2 or 3 of these affairs on Sundays and sometimes one on Saturdays. The menu typically consisted of steamed clams, clam stew, vegetable soup, roast beef sanwiches, french fries, hamburgers, hot dogs and a variety of cold cuts. These items were available on demand all day long from early morning to evening. Often ham and eggs were available throughout the morning. The day was topped off with a platter of fried chicken, and steamed clams, potatoes and corn. Beer and soda were on tap all day long but this was not a hook catering service. Typically there was also a polka band provided by the sponsers.
This picture includes "Nig" Arnold, on the left, a trusted worker usually in charge of one of the several clambakes on Sundays.