Inside the Grocery Store

Looking towards the refridgerated area where sandwich meats were sliced to order. In the darkened rear area was a walk-in refridgerator which contained large sections of meats which were cut to customer specifications into roasts, chops and steaks on a tall band saw. Hamburg was ground daily. Less often, sausages were made. Coffee was ground at the time of purchase. Cookies, pretzels and potato chips were sold loose in brown paper sacks from large boxes or tins. Dried beans, peas and such were also sold loose from bins. Vinegar and molasses were pumped from barrels into containers provided by the customer. Many purchases were on credit, ("Tick"), with amounts recorded on small rectangular peices of cardboard obtained from cupcake cartons. During World War II much energy was expended dealing with food rationing stamps issued by the government. Meat, butter and sugar were particularly in short supply. The tall white object on the counter is a scale. Notice the interesting light fixture hanging from the ceiling. Several sticky fly trap strips continuously hung from the ceiling in warm weather. Air conditioning was merely a dream. Visits by an exterminator to control mice occured monthly.